a brief bio with an abundance of footnotes

RoseHi. Iím Rose. I make web stuff1.

I picked up the basics while I was supposed to be writing my American Studies senior thesis at UC Santa Cruz. Back in those ancient days, I had to learn a little of everything to build my own sites, and Iím proud to be one of the few remaining generalists2.

I can whip up a basic page with my eyes closed (literally3), but my real love is content: Developing it, creating it, copy-editing it, organizing it, helping people find and discuss it. Iíve worked in entertainment, education, tech and the nonprofit sphere Ė please see my resume for a full list of positions and honors4 Ė and Iím always on the lookout for projects that will enable to me to learn something new.

When Iím not staring at a computer or my smartphone, I can often be found performing sketch comedy5, singing karaoke at West L.A.ís finest dive bars6, making things or explaining to people that I really am an L.A. native7 and not from New York as they previously assumed.

1. Check out my abridged portfolio here. I also make stuff that's not for the web, such as jewelry and yarny things.
2. HTML/CSS, basic design, site architecture, SEO, social media, AdWords, currently working through full stack development course. (Pay no attention to the 14-year-old legacy code behind the curtain.)
3. I don't use literally figuratively. Try me sometime.
4. And game show win. I like to think Ben Stein still fears me.
5. You can view some sketches here, watch full episodes of The New Level here and relive the second Bush adminstration with the Bush Twins Party Hour here.
6. You cannot view any videos of this.
7. Echo Park, before it was cool.