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Site for Bush Twins Party Hour, the web series and occasional live show. I designed and produced the site from the ground up -- CSS, code, copy, scripting, the whole works. (Okay, so there's a little clip art. But the overall design's all mine.) Thanks to clean, descriptive code, the site consistently ranked on the first page of Google results for "bush twins" during the second Bush administration. Optimize your code, and you optimize your search engine performance. End of SEO lesson.


Rose Knows

Powered by WordPress. The design uses a premade template as a jumping-off point - the basic skeleton remains, but everything from the font to the images have been modified. As traffic increases and content gets fleshed out, I'll be adding ad units. Any questions? Ask away!
Currently disabled due to domain transfer weirdness. You can read a selection of archived posts in the other writing section.

"Make it plain," he said. "No, plainer." So here it is: A very plain site, set up so it's easy for the site owner to update. I hate it when other site developers don't take responsibility for what happens after they hand off the site. It's kind of rude, isn't it? (I'm not a big fan of frames, but they're used here because they turned out to be less confusing for the client than includes or a content management system.)(Local copy)

Your basic placeholder site, with links and newsletter sign-up. (Local copy)



The Africa edition of the WebAward-winning community-driven feature on, for which I was the co-creator, co-writer and primary programmer. Site designed by Chris Green, then hand-coded by yours truly. (Web Archive link; may be incomplete)

Wesweb started out in 1996 as the fairly official web site for John Wesley Harding; then served as the low-bandwitdh alternative to the more-official, created by the fantastic Saltbox Studio. All now direct to, by the phenomenal Abbey Stace & Gabriel Roth. I'm working on getting a local copy for your perusing pleasure. Yes, it looks like it's stuck in 1997. We liked it that way. (Web Archive link; may be incomplete) - The Confessions Of St. Ace

Central hub for all things related to JWH's album The Confessions Of St. Ace. Design based on album packaging and promotional materials.

corporate work

Some sites I've worked on:

Liberty Hill Foundation - webmaster, 5/2010-10/2014 - content manager, 5/2007-2/2008
UCLA Today - optimization and coding, 5/2006-3/2007
UCLA Happenings - content selection and image creation, 5/2006-3/2007 - project manager, marketing communications division, 10/2005-3/2006 (short-term contract). Worked on content very similar to what's on the site now. - image selection and preparation, 7/2005-9/2005 (short-term contract) - site developer and community manager, 5/1998-10/2003