Lost recaps
Meditations on the final season of Lost, published on in 2010.

‘LA X,’ Or: Many Worlds, Or: Nothing is Irreversible
Published February 5, 2010
A guide to faking your way through a watercooler conversation about the season premiere, along wth a science lesson.

‘What Kate Does,’ Or: Many Anvils, No Zombies
Published February 10, 2010

‘The Substitue,’ Or: The One That Aired On Mardi Gras
Published February 17, 2010
Seriously, whose bright idea was it to move this show to Tuesday, but not wait until after Mardi Gras to do it?

‘Lighthouse,’ Or: Jack Has Issues
Published February 24, 2010
This week: References for the Dr. Who, HHGG and soap opera fan. I was going to throw in a “Little Lighthouse” shout-out, but references are no fun if explaining them takes longer than making them.

‘Sundown,’ Or: Things We’ve Learned From Television
Published March 3, 2010
Good may win the war, but evil has all the awesome fight scenes.

‘Dr. Linus,’ Or: Faith’s a Bitch
Published March 10, 2010
The problem with faith comes when you lose it. Kind of like sunglasses.

‘Recon,’ Or: You Say ‘Crazy’ Like It’s A Bad Thing.
Published March 17, 2010
“Lost” and I both promised you Leonard Cohen this week. One of us delivers.

‘Ab Eterno,’ Or: Put A Cork In it
Published March 24, 2010
We finally find out what the deal is with Richard. What, you expected it to make sense?

‘The Package,’ or: ABC Really Wants You To Know That ‘V’ Is Next
Published March 31, 2010
Sun continues to be one of the only people on this island with a lick of sense, and ABC is desperate

‘Happily Ever After,’ Or: And then What Happened?
Published April 7, 2010
I wrote another recap. XTC reference and link at no additional cost!

‘Everybody Loves Hugo,’ Or: Whispers in the Dark
Published April 14, 2010
Listen to Hurley. He has a really cool trophy.

‘The Last Recruit,’ Or: The Gang’s All Here, Or Were A Minute Ago
Published April 21, 2010
This week: Answers. Do you trust the characters giving them? That’s the question.

‘The Candidate,’ Or: Sob Story
Published May 5, 2010
I’m not cryng. It’s just allergies. Shut up. Hey, at least I make literature teachers happy with this recap.

‘Across the Sea,’ Or: Same Old Story
Published May 12, 2010
How much do I love you? Enough to try to glean you some answers from this episode. That’s a whole lotta love.

‘What They Died For,’ Or: Have I got a Job for You. Or: Holding On, Letting Go.
Published May 19, 2010
And now, the only recap on Teh Interwebz that is not subtitled, “We're Very Close to the End.” Plus: Why I would like to nominate Michael Emerson for every Emmy, ever.

‘The End,’ Or: Huh.
Published May 24, 2010

It’s all over by the final wrap-up. You read. I’m going to take a much-deserved nap.